Getting Started

The Mobile App (EE)

The Mobile App For Employees As part of LeaveWizard, we provide an app for iOS and Android smart phones and devices. The mobile app allows employees to make leave requests and get essential information. Get The App You can download the app from Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS devices. […]

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Explanatory Notes (EE)

Explanatory Notes At the beginning of 2021 we introduced the ability for users to upload explanatory notes to the LeaveWizard system from both the web app and mobile app. This article explains how you can upload them. Uploading Explanatory Notes An Administrator can make an explanatory note required when the duration of an event period

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Room Booking (EE)

Room Booking The room booking function allows administrators to set up a number of rooms that can be booked by selected users. These bookings are displayed in a calendar within LeaveWizard and can also be synchronized with your external Outlook or Google Calendar. If your administrator has enabled this for your company then the Room

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Work Patterns (EE)

Work Patterns LeaveWizard supports flexible work (shift) patterns suitable for full time and part time staff. Multiple virtual representations of actual work patterns can be created by your company administrator and they will then assign one of these to you. The name of the work pattern that you are using is displayed on your Dashboard

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External Calendars (EE)

External Calendars LeaveWizard allows external calendar applications that support iCalendar (iCal), primarily Outlook calendar and Google Calendar, to display LeaveWizard events. Leave information can then be viewed anywhere you have access to Outlook or Google calendar including on a smart phone. Introduction To Calendar Integration You can either subscribe to all personal leave or all

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Public Holidays (EE)

Public Holidays LeaveWizard allows Public holidays and company events such as company wide closures to be defined by an administrator. These days are shown on the Dashboard and leave calendars. By default, these Public Holidays will not be included in the calculation of a user’s remaining allowance. So, provided that the administrator has defined the

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Cancelling Leave (EE)

Cancelling Leave For transparency it is not possible to delete events on LeaveWizard but you can cancel them. As an employee you can only cancel requests that are in the future, either ‘Pending’ or ‘Approved’ and not those in the past, ‘Expired’. If your leave request is in the past you will need to contact

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Overtime And TOIL (EE)

Overtime And TOIL LeaveWizard supports recording overtime and requesting Time Off In Lieu (TOIL). This article covers Requesting overtime and TOIL and provides an overview of how it works. Requesting Overtime And TOIL If an administrator has enabled overtime for your company then the ‘Request’ button on the Dashboard will have ‘Request Overtime’ as an

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