How Do I Create A Day Based Work Pattern For A Part-Time User?

How Do I Create A Day Based Work Pattern For A Part-Time User?

Do most of your users work full time but you have a few part-time users that work half days? It is possible to have both day based event types and hour based. Also, users can use any work pattern for either event type. However, rather than having hour based event types for the part-time users, it can be more convenient for all users to be day based. To facilitate this, LeaveWizard allows days on the work patterns to be designated as half days. In this way, it can cater for a user working AM Monday and all day Tuesday and Wednesday. The work pattern for a part-time user would attribute an allowance based on the user working two and a half days a week.

Screenshot of editing the work pattern with 'Is Half Day' ticked for Monday and 'Is Work Day' ticked for Monday to Wednesday.

Edit the work pattern by ticking ‘Is Half Day’ for Monday and ‘Is Work Day’ from Monday to Wednesday. Then it will show a duration of 2.5 days. The displayed hours worked are for reference only. As the user is requesting day based events, when calculating allowances, the system only applies days worked per seven-day period.

Screenshot of completed work pattern showing a duration of 2.5 days .

However, you can always create hour-based event types if you have more part-time users with more complicated work patterns.