Automatically Update Public Holiday Calendars

Automatically Update Public Holiday Calendars

When Public Holiday calendars are created, by default they do not automatically update. This means you need to manually add the Public Holiday templates of subsequent years for a country to the existing calendar or to a newly created one.

In the example below, the selected calendar has Public Holidays for the UK in 2020 and auto updates are set to off. So if you want the Public Holidays for future years you need to use the ‘Add template events from’ scenario to do it, as explained in the main Public Holidays article. For this company, UK Public Holidays for 2021 and 2022 do exist but are in separate calendars. It would be more convenient if all Public Holidays for the location were together in a single calendar.

When using standard Public Holidays for a country it is recommended that you turn auto updates on by ticking the ‘Auto Update’ tick box, so that the next years holidays are automatically added saving you the time and trouble of doing it.

As the calendar will hold Public Holidays for multiple years, it is also recommended that the name of the calendar reflects that, i.e. ‘UK Public Holidays’ rather than ‘UK Public Holidays 2020’. So remove any indication of the year from the ‘Name’ and ‘Details’ fields to avoid confusion.

With the Auto Update option ticked, when a new year template for a country becomes available, the system will add the additional events to your public holiday calendar. The auto updating of calendars is a background process which runs overnight. The system will also send emails to all the company administrators to inform them this has been completed.

The same changes can be made for calendars that hold Public Holidays for any other regions your company may use. We update the templates for all countries that are currently used by any company on LeaveWizard for each new year and will add a new country template if you request it. Templates for each new year are added well in advance of the start of the calendar year.