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Why Are Public Holidays Included In Request Durations?

Normally, request durations on LeaveWizard do not include public holidays and non-working days. If they are, then you can change it.

Non-Working Days

If a user works Monday to Friday and requests holiday for Friday to Monday inclusive, the system will normally calculate the duration of the event to be two days. It will include just the two working days, Friday and Monday and not the two non-working days, Saturday and Sunday.

However, if you tick the setting ‘Enable Non-working Days’ for the event type, it will include the non-working days in the duration, totalling four for the same Friday to Monday request.

Screenshot of the 'Other Options' section on the event types and allowances page showings the 'Enable Non-working Days' setting.

To change this setting, highlight the event type on the Event Types and Allowances page. Then either click the ‘Edit’ button on the sub-menu or right click the event type and select ‘Edit…’ from the pop-up menu. Then navigate down to the ‘Other Options’ section and change the ‘Enable Non-working Days’ setting.

Public Holidays

If you have assigned public holidays (or company events) to the region the user is in, the system will normally calculate the duration of an event, excluding those days. However, if their work pattern has the setting ‘Ignore Public Holidays and Company Events’ ticked, then requested event durations will include any public holidays.

Screenshot showing the text 'This work pattern Ignores Public Holidays and Company Events' displayed for a work pattern on the Company Work Pattern List page.

On the work pattern page, you can either create a new work pattern for a user or edit an existing one and change the setting of ‘Ignore Public Holidays and Company Events’ to suit your requirements. Note that this affects all users assigned to the work pattern.

Screenshot showing the 'Ignore Public Holidays and Company Events' setting when creating or editing a work pattern.

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