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Okta SCIM User Provisioning

If your company uses Okta as an IdP (Identity Provider) to manage employees’ access to services, you can take advantage of Okta SCIM user provisioning to manage users in LeaveWizard. This feature is available to customers on LeaveWizard’s Premium plan.

When you enable SCIM provisioning, you will accomplish user management tasks, such as adding users and updating their details, with Okta. LeaveWizard will deactivate these functions on the web app.

We use the industry standard protocol SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) to provide the integration between Okta and LeaveWizard. To learn more about how Okta works with SCIM, please see their article, which will open in a new browser tab.

Configuring Provisioning

You need to enable SCIM provisioning on LeaveWizard and enable API (Application Programming Interface) integration and provisioning on Okta.

Enable Provisioning In LeaveWizard

As a LeaveWizard administrator, select company settings from the configuration option on the main menu. Navigate to the authentication section and click the ‘Reconfigure’ button.

If you only see a ‘Configure’ button, you need to configure SAML authentication first. Please follow the guidance in our Okta SSO (Single Sign On) article to do that.

Then tick the ‘Enable SCIM Provisioning’ box and click ‘Submit’.

Enable LeaveWizard API Integration On Okta

Sign into Okta as an administrator and select ‘Applications’ from the ‘Applications’ option on the main menu. Click the LeaveWizard link in the list of active applications.

Select the ‘Provisioning’ tab and ‘Integration’ in the settings column. Click the ‘Configure API Integration’ button.

Tick the ‘Enable API Integration’ option, which appears and click ‘Save’.

Click the ‘Authenticate with LeaveWizard’ button.

A new browser window will appear with the LeaveWizard Login page. Enter your LeaveWizard username and password to authenticate. If authentication is successful, Okta will display a message that you have authenticated LeaveWizard’s API. Click the ‘Re-authenticate with LeaveWizard’ button to generate a new authentication token.

Enable Provisioning On Okta

When you have authenticated our API, you can enable provisioning. Select the ‘Provisioning’ tab and ‘To App’ in the settings column. Click the ‘Edit’ link at the top, on the right-hand side.

  • Tick the ‘Enable’ box next to ‘Create Users’. This will allow Okta to create users on LeaveWizard when you assign them to the LeaveWizard application in Okta.
  • Tick the ‘Enable’ box next to ‘Update User Attributes’. This will allow you to update user profiles.
  • Tick the ‘Enable’ box next to ‘Deactivate Users’. This will allow you to deactivate users on LeaveWizard when you deactivate them on Okta.
  • Tick the ‘Enable’ box next to ‘Sync Password’. Also, select the ‘Sync Okta Password’ option. This will allow users to synchronise their password with LeaveWizard when they change it.

Check that the settings match those shown in the screenshot and click the ‘Save’ button to save your updates.

Supported Provisioning Features

LeaveWizard supports the following provisioning features.

Push Users

Okta adds users assigned to the LeaveWizard application as members of your LeaveWizard company.

Import Users

You can import users created in LeaveWizard into Okta. Either Okta matches them with an existing Okta user or it creates a new user.

Import Groups

You can import ‘workgroups’ from LeaveWizard as ‘Groups’ in Okta.

Push Groups

You can push Okta ‘Groups’ and their members to LeaveWizard ‘workgroups’ and members.

Update User Attributes

Users in Okta that are assigned to the LeaveWizard application can have their profile information updated from Okta.

Deactivate And Reactivate Users

You can deactivate or reactivate users in Okta that are assigned to the LeaveWizard application.

Sync Password

Users in Okta that are assigned to the LeaveWizard application will have their passwords in sync with LeaveWizard.

Single Sign On

SP-Initiated flow allows the SP (Service Provider), LeaveWizard, to start the SSO (Single Sign On) process. This option gives users the ability to sign into LeaveWizard with their SSO email address. LeaveWizard sends an authorization request to the IdP, Okta, and when they authenticate the user’s identity, LeaveWizard logs them in.


Here is a list of limitations and characteristics of Okta provisioning with LeaveWizard.

A User Can Become Active On LeaveWizard But Remains Unassigned On Okta

If you try to assign a user with Okta and enter invalid data for a custom field, you will get a warning message that the data is invalid. Okta will not consider the user assigned but will activate the user on LeaveWizard, leading to an active status mismatch. The user needs to be reassigned with valid data to rectify this.


LeaveWizard only allows a user to belong to a single workgroup at a time. If you push a group from Okta to LeaveWizard when you had already assigned a user to a different workgroup, it will automatically move them from their old workgroup to the newly pushed workgroup.

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