Setting Up Hour Based Leave For Part-Time Users

Setting Up Hour Based Leave For Part-Time Users

A common scenario for many companies is to have the majority of their users working full-time and a few part-time. Often with the full-time users making day based holiday requests against an allowance in days per year, e.g. 20 days per annum and the part-time ones making requests in hours against an allowance in hours, e.g. 224 hours per annum. LeaveWizard can easily be configured to allow for this as explained below.

Setting Up An Hours Based Leave Type

When your LeaveWizard company account was registered the system will have created a day based holiday leave type named ‘Holiday’, an hour based one named ‘Holiday – Hours’ or both depending on what was selected as leave units on the original ‘Welcome to LeaveWizard’ pop up window.

So, you may or may not already have a leave type named ‘Holiday – Hours’ created by the system. You can however rename, create and remove any leave type that may have been created at that time. If your system does not currently have a suitable hour based leave type then you will need to create one. You can do that on the Event Types and Allowances page by clicking the ‘New’ button on the sub-menu.

In most cases you can leave the settings of the new event type at their defaults but you will need to set ‘Record events of this type in’ to ‘Hours’ for the leave type to be hour based.

Further information about each settings is covered in the Event Types In Depth article. Once you have made your changes, click Submit and the new leave type will appear in the list under leave types on the Event Types and Allowances page.

Configuring Who Can Request The New Leave Type

When you first create the leave type all users can request it. However you will want to restrict requests to just your part-time users you want to request in hours, in this example Jane Boss. This can be done by using a request restriction group which can be set up from the  ‘Request Restrictions’ option of the ‘Configuration’ menu item of the main menu. For convenience the ‘Restrict who can book it’ button on the sub-menu will also take you there.

You will then be presented with the event type request restrictions user group setup screen where you can select which users you want to be able to request the leave type. You can choose either an entire workgroup or specific users. In this example we only want Jane Boss.

Once this is done only the selected user will be able to request the leave type.

Prohibiting Day Based Requests From Part-Time Users

Similarly, as well as restricting who can request the newly created hour based leave type you will want to restrict the part-time user(s) from requesting the day based ‘Holiday’ leave type. This can be done in the same way as before, by highlighting the day based leave type and then clicking the ‘Restrict who can book it’ button.

When this is done the option to select the day based Holiday leave type will no longer be available for Jane Boss.