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Work Patterns

LeaveWizard supports flexible work (shift) patterns suitable for full time and part time staff. Multiple virtual representations of actual work patterns can be created by your company administrator and they will then assign one of these to you.
The name of the work pattern that you are using is displayed on your Dashboard in the My Allowance section and also in the Allowance tab of your My Leave page. The work pattern is described as one or more 7 day periods with each period starting on a particular day. This start day, usually Monday, is also displayed. From the information entered by the administrator, the system knows what days and hours you work. You will notice that your non working days are marked on the calendars.
If you see anything that suggests that your work pattern is incorrect and does not match your actual work schedule (for example that the calendar shows a working day as a non-working day) then please alert your administrator and discuss it with them.

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