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Why Do My Allowances Look Wrong?

Many different factors can cause recalculations of allowances by the system and for the values to change. The most obvious being changes to user Employment Start Date, Employment End Date or Allowance Resets On settings on their Employee details page.

Employment Start Date: If this date is changed so the user works a partial leave year their allowance this year will be reduced.

Employment End Date: Again, if the user works a partial leave year their allowance this year will be reduced. Additionally any leave requests that fall after the end date will be ignored and added back into their remaining allowance.

Allowance Resets On: Changing the user leave year start date will change which requests fall within their current leave year.

Other factors include:

Work Pattern: Changing a user work pattern can recalculate the annual allowance based on comparison between the company default work pattern and the user assigned work pattern. Also unexpired request durations will be recalculated which may change the user remaining allowance.

Public Holidays: Changes to public holidays can recalculate the duration of requested events. Also changing if public holidays are included in an allowance by setting ‘Include in the allowance of’ for a public holiday event type will reduce the user remaining allowance.

This is not an exhaustive list. However, if after checking these and any recent changes you have made to any settings, you are still unable to see why a user allowance is as shown on the app please contact LeaveWizard support who will check your data on their test system and advise accordingly.

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