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Why Can’t A User See Public Holidays?

Public Holidays are region specific and will normally only show on leave calendars for users in the region for which they are specified. So, the user needs to be in a work group located where the Public Holiday is effective.

The user’s region is dictated by the location of their work group as shown on the Organization And Employees page. In the example below any user in the ‘Cleaners’ or ‘Sales’ work groups are in the ‘Shop’ location which is specified as being in the city ‘Cambridge’ and country ‘United Kingdom’.

The public holiday region is specified by ‘Applies to locations in country’ and ‘Applies to locations’ settings on the public holiday calendar. In this example ‘All’ locations in the country ‘United Kingdom’. So, all the users in the ‘Cleaners’ and ‘Sales’ work groups will see the ‘UK Public Holidays’ dates on their leave calendars.

If a user wants to see all public holidays for all locations then they can optionally tick the ‘Show Public Holidays for all locations’ box on their Calendars page sub menu.

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