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Why Are Public Holidays Not Showing On Leave Calendars?

Are public holidays not showing on leave calendars for a user? Then you need to add these days to a public holiday calendar. Each public holiday calendar is only applicable to the country and location that you set it to. In the example shown below, all locations (Location: All) in Great Britain (Applies to locations in country: GB). Note that leave calendars and public holiday calendars are different. The system only shows the latter on the public holiday page under the calendars heading.

A screenshot showing a public holiday calendar for all locations in Great Britain. The system will not normally show these public holidays on leave calendars to users in other regions.

Users in other geographic locations will not normally see public holidays for locations they are not in. That includes on their dashboard or other leave calendars on LeaveWizard.

They can, however, tick the ‘Show public holidays for all locations’ setting on their Leave Calendar page to see all public holidays for all locations. This setting is on the Leave Calendar sub menu which any user can access by selecting the ‘Leave Calendar’ option from Calendars on the main menu.

A screenshot showing the 'Show public holidays for all locations' setting on the Leave Calendar sub menu which will allow a user to see all public holidays.

Making public holidays from other countries and/or locations display on leave calendars will not change how the system treats those days regarding request durations and allowances.

Normally, it is only administrators that need to see all public holidays used by a company. So this feature is undocumented for managers and employees. However, the Administrator can advise any user to tick the ‘Show public holidays for all locations’ setting if needed.

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