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Why Are Administrator Names Not In The Approver List?

When selecting approvers from drop-down lists, if you can’t see administrator names, this is probably because an administrator has set ‘Administrators should record their own leave using’ to ‘a separate employee account’ rather than ‘their administrator account’.

When set to ‘a separate employee account’, all administrator accounts become ‘invisible’ and don’t appear on the LeaveWizard user interface. Administrators should use these accounts to administer the system only and create separate user accounts for themselves to request leave. If those user accounts are employee accounts rather than manager accounts, they will not be eligible to be an approver and not appear in lists.

This setup is useful if you want to keep LeaveWizard administration separated from individuals. You could use it with a single shared administrator account. Each user would have access to the password for the ‘shared’ account and have their own user accounts for personal leave management.

Screenshot of the details section on the company settings page showing the 'Administrators should record their own leave using' field. The Administrator names will appear with the selected 'their administrator' account'.

To change this setting, select Company Settings from the Configuration option of the main menu. In the Details section, select the option you require from the drop-down menu of the ‘Administrators should record their own leave using’ field.

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