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The Mobile App For Employees

As part of LeaveWizard, we provide an app for iOS and Android smart phones and devices. The mobile app allows employees to make leave requests and get essential information.

Get The App

You can download the app from Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS devices. The apps are free to download. During installation, please allow notifications so that you benefit from full app functionality. The mobile app is the same for all LeaveWizard users, but administrators, managers and employees will get access to different functions.

The ‘Login’ Page


Screenshot showing the login page of the LeaveWizard mobile app

Login To The App

If you are an employee of a company that already subscribes to LeaveWizard, then use your regular username and password to sign in.

However, if you have not received a welcome email or a username from your company, then please contact your human resources team.

If they have given you a username but you have not already set up a password on the web app, then you can do it on the mobile app using the ‘Forgot password?’ link.


You can enable the ‘Remember Me’ slider to allow biometric authentication. If you close the app and don’t log out, you can then use your fingerprint to sign in next time without having to enter your username and password.

New Trial Company

If you are not an employee of an existing company that subscribes to LeaveWizard, you can set up a new trial company. You can do that using the ‘Register a new company account’ link.

App Overview

The app has two main pages, ‘My Leave’ and ‘Calendar’. Above these pages is an information header and below a navigation footer.

Information Header

The header displays your name on the left hand-side and three icons on the right hand-side.

Close up of the information header showing the user's name and the refresh, bell and exit icons

Refresh Icon

Click the refresh icon to update the information displayed on the screen.

Bell Icon

Click the bell icon to see a list of your notifications. You can then click any item on the list to read the full message. If you have unread messages, then the icon will have an orange circle showing the number that are unread. However, if there are greater than 9, it will show 9+.

Screenshot of the notifications page showing user messages

Exit Icon

Click this icon to log out.

Navigation Footer

You can navigate between the ‘My Leave’ and ‘Calendar’ pages by clicking the icons. The app highlights the currently selected page in orange.

Close up of the navigation footer showing the icons to select the my leave or calendar page

The ‘My Leave’ Page

The ‘My Leave’ page has two information panes, the ‘Events Pane’ at the top and the ‘Leave Requests Pane’ below.

Screenshot of the mobile app my leave page showing the events pane at the top and the leave requests pane below

Events Pane

The ‘Events’ pane displays your remaining allowance for each event type for the current leave year. You can swipe left or right to navigate the list.

Leave Requests Pane

The ‘Leave Requests’ pane lists all your requests for a leave year. It orders them by status (Approved – Pending – Expired) and also chronologically. Clicking on a request will provide more information about it.

You can swipe up or down to navigate the list and there is a drop-down box to select which leave year at the top.

If you want to create a new leave request, then click the large circular ‘+’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner and a request form will appear.

Screenshot of the new leave request form displayed when you click the + icon

The ‘Calendar’ Page

The calendar displays a single month. It highlights ‘today’ in light blue and your non-working days in dark grey, when visible. Depending on your company and personal settings on the web app, it will also mark Public holidays. Similarly, the visibility of events will also follow the same settings and restrictions as the web app.

Screenshot of the mobile app calendar showing requests for the month with today's date and the user's non-working days highlighted

If you click on a day that has events, then a pop-up will appear providing more information about the requests for that day. This includes who the request is for, the event type, and its status.

If you want to create a new leave request, then click the large circular ‘+’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner and a request form will appear.

You can navigate to the next month with a swipe to the right or the previous month with a swipe to the left.


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