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The Employee Dashboard

The employee dashboard is designed to provide quick and easy access to all the relevant leave information for the user.

Main Menu

At the top of the page is the main menu. This band runs the full width of the page and has 4 sections. A branding logo on the left hand side then the employee dashboard menu and on the right hand side a notification area and finally the user menu. The main menu structure remains unchanged as you navigate around LeaveWizard.

Branding Logo

If your company has provided us with your company logo then that will be displayed. If not, the LeaveWizard logo will be displayed. Clicking on the displayed logo will return you to the Dashboard from wherever you are.

The employee dashboard menu has 4 menu items which either take you directly to another page or if a downward triangle is displayed next to the menu item, will display a drop down menu.


The Dashboard menu item will return you to the Dashboard from wherever you are.

My Leave

The My Leave menu item takes you to the My Leave page which provides status information about your leave requests such as if a request has been approved or rejected.


Although the Dashboard has a calendar, sometimes it is useful to see alternative views of your leave, such as your leave for the whole year all at the same time. The Calendars drop down menu allows you to select 4 alternative views which are explained in the Calendars article.


The Tools drop down menu will vary depending on what has been enabled by your company. You will be able to select the Address Book and optionally Room Booking.

Notification Area

The notification area has an ‘Envelope’ icon which is a link to your user messaging inbox. If there are unread items, then a number will appear showing the number of unread items.

User Menu

The user menu is accessed via the ‘Head’ icon on the far right hand side of the main menu and provides access to user specific setting from a drop down menu. The drop down displays your user name and LeaveWizard status (Employee) at the top and provides 3 menu options to choose.

My Settings

The My Settings menu item takes you to the My Settings page where you can change some user specific preferences such as email notification and your password.


The Help menu item takes you to the LeaveWizard support portal where you can get access to other help articles similar to this.


The Logout menu item logs you out of the web app and returns you to the LeaveWizard web site.


Below the main menu is the Dashboard sub-menu. This band runs the full width of the page. The title of the sub-menu and the available functions will change depending on the LeaveWizard page you are on.

The Dashboard sub-menu has a single ‘Request…’ button to allow you to quickly make requests. The drop down menu allows you to select ‘Request Leave’ or optionally ‘Request Overtime’ if overtime has been enabled by your company.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is split into 4 sections.

My Leave

This section allows you to quickly see what future (unexpired) events you have for the selected month. It has a mini 1 month calendar below which the events are listed along with their current status. The ‘See All My Leave’ provides a link to the  My Leave page.

My Allowance

The My allowance section shows all your event types that have an associated allowance. Your annual and remaining allowances for the current leave year are displayed. Please note that your allowances are not set by LeaveWizard we just provide a convenient way to manage leave. If you have any inquires about your allowances, please contact someone in your HR department first for more information.

Typically the leave year is the same as the calendar year and runs from 1st January to 31st December. However, many companies run a different leave year. The ‘Allowance and leave from’ text below the allowance display specifies your leave year. Your work pattern is also shown along with who approves your leave. The ‘See All Allowances’ provides a link to the My Leave page.


The calendar shows who in the company is on leave. It can show all leave and absence types and can highlight Public Holidays and company specific holidays if they exist. Although it is possible you will be able to see all user leave and absence on this calendar, many companies restrict which users and event types that are displayed.

Immediately below the ‘Calendar’ heading is a drop down box to filter the displayed events by work group which reduces congestion for larger companies with a busy calendar when all users are displayed.

At the top left of the calendar view is a navigation area allowing you to change the displayed calendar dates. At the top right hand side you can choose between a week…

or month calendar view.

As a quick way to make a leave request you can double-click on a day on the calendar and a new request will be initiated starting from that day. Also,  clicking on a start day and moving to an end day before releasing will select multiple days on the calendar. When you release, it will open a new event page with those start and end days pre-selected for a new request. You can also double click on an existing unexpired event to edit it.

Clicking the ‘View Calendar Legend’ at the bottom of the calendar will toggle showing the colour legend. The ‘See Other Calendar Views’ provides a link to the Calendars page.

You can also click the ‘expand’ icon next to the ‘Calendar’ heading to expand the calendar to full screen mode…

and then, when expanded, click the ‘collapse’ icon to return to the normal Dashboard display mode.

Who’s On Leave?

The Who’s On Leave? section provides a way to display a list of all leave requests for a specified period. From the work group drop down you can select the work group whose users you want to list. By default all work groups will be chosen. You can change which work group is chosen by default from the My Settings menu item in your User Menu. In this way you will always get the same selected work group displayed when you log in. From the ‘Period’ drop down you can specify the time frame you want to see. By default this will show the current month. The drop down provides some predefined time periods or you can select a custom period and enter a specific start and end date.

Page Footer

At the bottom of the page is a page footer with links and information about LeaveWizard.

If you have a problem with our software please try our help articles first by selecting Help from the user menu as explained above. If that does not answer your question and you still need help and want to contact support then please use the Contact link here.

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