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Room Booking

The room booking function allows administrators to set up a number of rooms that can be booked by selected users. These bookings are displayed in a calendar within LeaveWizard and can also be synchronized with your external Outlook or Google Calendar.

If your administrator has enabled this for your company then the Room Booking option will appear in the Tools section of the main menu.

It will allow you to view the room booking schedule calendar and optionally allow you create and manage room bookings.

The Room Booking Schedule Calendar

The room booking page contains the room booking schedule calendar which allows you to view the rooms that have been defined and any bookings that have been made in a variety of different ways.


This setting allows you to select which room(s) you want displayed on the schedule calendar from a drop down list. You can choose any individual room or all.

No Of Rooms / Page

This field allows you to select the maximum number of rooms that are displayed on each page of the schedule calendar. If you have selected all rooms to be displayed then the display can become crowded and you can use this setting to spread the rooms over multiple pages. The current page is shown at the bottom left of the schedule calendar along with ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ navigation links.

The Schedule Calendar

The schedule calendar allows you to manage the bookings / appointments for each room and has the following controls:

Period Selector / Navigator

This control has 4 buttons. The left arrow and right arrow buttons allow you to select the previous and next days (or weeks) respectively. The ‘today’ button lets you jump to today’s date. The down arrow button displays a calendar day picker. The currently selected day (or week) is shown on the right hand side of the control.

Day / Week Display Toggle Buttons

These buttons allows you to toggle between just a day being displayed or a whole week being displayed.

Show 24 Hours / Show Business Hours

This button allows you to toggle between all 24 hours of each day being shown or just business hours.

Adding And Managing Bookings

If you have permission you can also book and mange bookings on the same calendar. You can select the booking / appointment time period by clicking on the begin time and dragging the mouse to the end time on the schedule calendar. You can clear the selected period by pressing the ‘Esc’ key on the keyboard. If you click on the calendar again it will also clear the current selection and start a new selection. In this example we have selected the period 09:30 – 10:30 for Conference Room A.

Then double click the selected period to create a new appointment. You can also right click on the selected period to bring up a context menu and select the ‘New Appointment’ option. Enter the ‘Subject’ and ‘Details’ fields and select a ‘User’ from the drop down menu.

Then either click ‘Insert’ to create the appointment or ‘Cancel’ to discard.

Once you have created an appointment you can drag the box to change the appointment time.

You can also drag the top and bottom of the box to change the start and end times of the appointment.

You can double click the appointment to edit it. You can also right click on the box to bring up a context menu and select the ‘Edit’ option.

You can delete the appointment by clicking the X on the top right hand side of the box. You can also right click on the box to bring up a context menu and select the ‘Delete’ option.

If you want to book a room for more than a day then use the ‘Week’ display setting on the ‘Day / Week’ display toggle and you can select a period that extends over multiple days.

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