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Leave Restrictions

Leave restrictions allows you to define groups of users and the total number of users from each group that can be off at the same time. You can also restrict the number of users off at the same time per workgroup, location or even the entire organisation elsewhere on LeaveWizard and links are provided on the page to do that. However using leave restriction groups is the recommended way to achieve this.

Creating and managing leave restriction groups is available to Administrators from ‘Settings’ on the main menu. Select the ‘Leave Restrictions’ sub menu. If no groups have been defined, you can create a new group by clicking the ‘New Leave Restriction User Group’.

The ‘Leave Restriction User Group Details’ page has five sections. We will now examine each section and it’s associated settings in detail to allow you to configure the Leave Restriction Group correctly from the page. As you will see, you can add all the members of a workgroup or individual users as required to create whatever user group you need.

Group Name

This is a required field which allows you to enter a name for the user group.

Maximum Employees On Leave

This field allows you to enter the maximum number of users that can be off at the same time for this user group.


This section has two scrolling panes listing the available workgroups and a vertical navigation bar between them. To add all the members of a workgroup to the group, select a workgroup in the left hand pane and then click the right arrow to move it to the right hand pane. Alternately, to remove a workgroup from the group, select a workgroup in the right hand pane and move it to the left hand pane by clicking the left arrow. Clicking the double left or double right arrow moves all the entries from one pane to the other. Tip! You can also use ‘Ctrl-click’ to select multiple workgroups at the same time.


This section works in a similar way to the Workgroups section except it is used to select individual employees.

Submit / Cancel

These buttons allow you to either submit or cancel the entries you have made and return to the ‘Leave Restriction Groups’ page.

When you have added all the member of the group press ‘Submit’ and the new Leave Restriction Group will be created.

Once you have created at least one Leave Restriction Group, you will then have the option to edit or delete groups. Clicking the ‘Delete’ button will delete the group listed on that row. Clicking the ‘Edit’ button will take you to the Leave Restriction User Group Details page for the group listed on that row.

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