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How Do I Remove An Event Type From The Monthly Allowance Report?

Although it is a very useful feature that most companies use, you can remove an event type from the monthly allowance report, so it does not list all company events. LeaveWizard sends the report email to all users at the beginning of each month. It provides an overview of the users’ allowances, remaining allowances, and leave taken to date in the current leave year. You can enable this in the Notifications section of the company settings page by setting ‘Do you want to send a monthly allowance report to each employee?’ to ‘Yes’.
Once you have enabled the report, the section will expand to allow you to select which event types you want to include. If you would like to exclude any event, then un-tick the corresponding box and it will only include the selected events in the next email.

A screenshot showing the notifications section of the company settings page. This is after you have enabled the allowance report using 'Do you want to send a monthly allowance report to each employee?'. Below the text 'The following event types are included in the allowance report:', you can select the events type from the tick box.

You can also can also select or deselect an event type using the ‘Include in the allowance report’ setting. This is in the Other Options section of the leave type details page and mirrors the corresponding setting on the Company Settings page. So, the selection you make on the event type page and the company settings page will match.

A screenshot showing the other options section of an event type and the 'Include in the allowance report' setting.

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