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Public Holidays

LeaveWizard allows Public holidays and company events such as company wide closures to be defined by an administrator. These days are shown on the Dashboard and leave calendars. By default, these Public Holidays will not be included in the calculation of a user’s remaining allowance. So, provided that the administrator has defined the Public holiday it will not be deducted from your holiday allowance and when you request leave for a period that includes a Public Holiday the duration of the event will not include the Public Holiday day(s).

However, some companies include Public Holidays in their allowances in which case the days are deducted from the allowance. If this is the case, you will see ‘Incl. x days p/h’, where x is the number of days deducted, on the ‘Allowance’ tab of the My Leave page.

In this example, 3 days (a company wide Christmas closure) are included in the user ‘Holiday’ allowance and are therefore deducted from the ‘Current Year Allowance’ which is reflected in their remaining allowance total.

As a manager, if you choose a specific Employee and Event Type on the leave and absence requests page then that information will also be shown in the allowance pane on that page.

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