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Overtime And TOIL

LeaveWizard supports recording overtime and requesting Time Off In Lieu (TOIL). This article covers Requesting overtime and TOIL and provides an overview of how it works.

Requesting Overtime And TOIL

If an administrator has enabled overtime for your company then the ‘Request’ button on the Dashboard will have ‘Request Overtime’ as an option on the drop down menu for all users.

If the ‘Request Overtime’ option is selected a request overtime and TOIL form will appear which allows overtime to be recorded but in this example it will not allow TOIL as it has not been enabled for any leave type.

However, if TOIL has also been enabled by the administrator for one or more leave types then a TOIL request can be made on the form instead of recording overtime. A tick box to request TOIL rather than overtime and a ‘Type’ setting with a drop down box to select the leave type will be displayed.

Overtime Pay Rate

An administrator can also enable entry of a pay rate for overtime requests. If this has been done an additional drop down box will appear on the request form named ‘Pay Rate’.

This allows a number of pay rate options to be selected including single time, double time, etc.

Please note that this selection is not applicable to TOIL requests, only overtime requests. So, it is possible to request double pay for an overtime request but not double time in lieu for a TOIL request.

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