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Overtime And TOIL

LeaveWizard supports recording overtime and requesting Time Off In Lieu (TOIL). This article covers four aspects of the use of Overtime and TOIL: Setting Up, Requesting, Setting Approvers and Listing and provides an overview of how it works.

Setting Up Overtime And TOIL

To use Overtime or TOIL on LeaveWizard it first needs to be enabled by setting ‘Do you want to record overtime or TOIL for your employees?’ to ‘Yes’ in the ‘Overtime/TOIL’ section of the Company Settings page.

Once it has been enabled a number of options to configure overtime/TOIL become available and overtime can be recorded. Please refer to the Company settings in depth article for a full explanation of each of the settings.

If you also want to allow TOIL requests then a leave type needs to be enabled to accrue the TOIL. It will accrue as additional leave allowance for a leave type. Either an existing leave type, such as ‘Holiday’ be used where the existing allowance will increase or a separate leave type can be created that will hold accrued TOIL only. The former being simpler to set up and the later separating out the TOIL for better visibility.

A leave type can be enabled by ticking a leave type box in the ‘The following event types are enabled for TOIL:’ which is also in the ‘Overtime/TOIL’ section of the Company Settings page…

or by setting ‘Enable Time Off in Lieu’ in the ‘Other Options’ section of the Event Type Details page for the event type you want to enable.

It should be noted that accrued TOIL should be taken in the leave year that it was accrued as it is not carried forward to the next leave year by the carry over process.

Requesting Overtime And TOIL

Once overtime is enabled, the ‘Request’ button on the Dashboard will have ‘Request Overtime’ as an option on the drop down menu for all users.

If the ‘Request Overtime’ option is selected a request overtime and TOIL form will appear which allows overtime to be recorded but in this example it will not allow TOIL as it has not been enabled for any leave type. As an administrator, a link ‘Manage Overtime/TOIL settings’ is provided so you can quickly enable TOIL if required.

If TOIL is enabled for one or more leave types then a TOIL request can be made on the form instead of recording overtime. A tick box to request TOIL rather than overtime and a ‘Type’ setting with a drop down box to select the leave type will be displayed.

Setting Approvers For Overtime And TOIL

As an administrator you can define who approves overtime and TOIL in the ‘Overtime/TOIL’ section on the Company Settings page using the ‘Who should receive overtime requests for approval?’ setting.

Three options are available Administrators, Team Leaders And Approvers and Overtime Approvers Configuration. By default approval requests go to Administrators but you can also select Team Leaders And Approvers. Alternatively, you can select the ‘Overtime Approvers Configuration’ option and a extra tab will appear on the Approvers page to allow approvers to be assigned to each user individually in a similar way to approver selection for leave requests.

Listing Overtime And TOIL

As an administrator if overtime and TOIL are enabled you can see a list of requests that have been made by selecting ‘Overtime Requests’ from the Leave drop down menu on the main menu.

From this page you can see a list of all overtime and TOIL requests made. You can filter for a selected period, user(s), request status and event type. You can also manage, i.e. approve, reject or cancel the requests and export the information to a CSV file from here.

Overtime Pay Rate

As an administrator you can also enable entry of a pay rate for overtime requests by setting ‘Do you want to record the pay rate associated with the overtime?’ in the ‘Overtime/TOIL’ section of the Company Settings page to ‘Yes’. If you or another administrator does this then an additional drop down box will appear on the request form named ‘Pay Rate’.

This allows a number of pay rate options to be selected including single time, double time, etc.

Please note that this selection is not applicable to TOIL requests, only overtime requests. So, it is possible to request double pay for an overtime request but not double time in lieu for a TOIL request.

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