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My Leave

The My Leave page shows details about your leave and is available directly from the My Leave option on the main menu. From here you can see your annual allowance and remaining balance for all events and for any leave year. So, this is the page to find your yearly allowance and available holiday. Also, details about the requests you have made for the current leave year are available and separated into tabs by request status.

The My Leave Page

The My Leave page is divided into 7 tabs.

Allowance Tab

The Allowance tab lists all your event types, leave and absence, that have an associated allowance and displays your annual and remaining allowances.

This is the same information as shown on your Dashboard in the My allowance section. However, here you can select other years, not just the current leave year, from a drop-down box.

Typically, the leave year is the same as the calendar year and runs from 1st January to 31st December. However, many companies run a different leave year. The ‘Allowance and leave from’ text below the allowance display specifies your leave year. Your work pattern is also shown along with who approves your leave.

Pending Tab

The Pending tab lists all currently ‘Pending’, unexpired (requested date has not passed) requests which have yet to be approved, cancelled or rejected.

The list has 4 columns: start date, end date, duration and title. The list can be sorted by any of these by clicking the column headers. For example, clicking the ‘End date’ header will sort the list by increasing ‘End Date’. Clicking it again will sort by descending ‘End Date’ and clicking another column header, like ‘Duration’ will sort by that instead. If the option is available for the request, then an ‘Edit’ and/or ‘Cancel’ link will be displayed at the end of a row. The tab is paginated with page navigation and page size controls displayed at the bottom of the list.

Your requests will remain pending until someone takes some action or the requested date has passed and it expires. If the request needs approval but the approver does not approve it, the request still expires and the system passively approves it.

All the remaining tabs have the same structure as the ‘Pending’ tab but display different information.

Approved Tab

The Approved tab lists all currently approved but unexpired (requested date has not passed) leave requests.

Rejected Tab

The Rejected tab lists all rejected leave requests.

Expired Tab

The Expired tab lists all expired (requested date has now passed) leave requests.

Cancelled Tab

The Cancelled tab lists all cancelled leave requests.

Overtime Tab

The Overtime tab lists all overtime requests.

The My Leave Sub Menu

Near the top of page, just below the main menu is the My leave sub menu which has 1 or 2 buttons.

Request Leave For Me

Clicking this button will take you to a ‘New Event’ page to allow a leave event to be requested for yourself. See the Requesting Leave article for more information.

Request Overtime/TOIL

If overtime is enabled, the ‘Request Overtime/TOIL’ button will be displayed. Clicking this button will take you to the ‘Overtime Event Details’ page to allow an overtime or TOIL event to be requested. If you are an employee you will be restricted to only requesting for yourself. See the Overtime and TOIL article for more information.

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