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Monthly Allowance Report

As an administrator you can optionally select if a monthly allowance report email is sent to all users in your company at the beginning of every month.

Enabling The report

You can enable this function by setting ‘Do you want to send a monthly allowance report to each employee?’ to ‘Yes’ in the ‘Notifications’ section of the Company settings page.

This will expand the section to allow you to select which event types are included in the allowance report.

If you include an event type then this will be reflected in the ‘Include in the allowance report’ setting in the ‘Other Options’ section for the Event type and visa versa.

The Report

The subject title of the email will be ‘Your monthly (MM/YYYY) LeaveWizard allowance report is ready!’, where MM/YYYY is the month and year of the report. It provides an overview of allowances, remaining allowances and leave taken to date in the current leave year.

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