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Mandating Leave Requests In Advance

Some companies prefer to have advance notice of user leave to help them manage their human resources effectively. They therefore impose restrictions on requests so that they must be made a number of days or weeks in advance. This can be achieved on LeaveWizard by ticking the ‘Must be requested in advance’ box in the ‘Restrictions’ section of the event details page of the event type. To access that page, highlight the event type on the Event Types and Allowances page and then either click the ‘Edit’ button on the sub-menu or right click the event type and select ‘Edit…’ from the pop-up menu.

When you tick the box, a new field ‘Days before the event’ appears for you to enter the number of days in advance that you want to impose.

Once this has been done, if any user makes a request for a start date that is less than the number of days specified after the day of the request, then they will get a message ‘Request must be submitted x days before the event.’ (where x is the number of days required) and be unable to complete the request.

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