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How To Restrict Users From Editing Events

Sometimes you may want to stop users from editing their requests. Normally, they will be able to edit requests up until they expire. If the event needs approval then the original approval, if it exists, will be cancelled and the new edited event sent for approval. The approver will receive an ‘Event has been re-submitted’ email.

If you want to change this default behaviour, then un-tick the ‘Can employees edit leave?’ tick box in the Other Options section of the Leave Type Details page for the event type. To access that page, highlight the event type on the Event Types and Allowances page and then either click the ‘Edit’ button on the sub-menu or right click the event type and select ‘Edit…’ from the pop-up menu.

After un-ticking the box, Managers and Employees will be unable to edit requests of that event type. However, as an Administrator you will  continue to be able to edit all requests. But, if you want to edit an expired request, please cancel the original request and replace it with a new one so that allowance recalculations are correctly performed.

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