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How Do I Set A Request Minimum Notice Period?

LeaveWizard allows a minimum notice period to be specified for any event type so the Human Resources (HR) department know in advance who is on leave during the selected period.

To set this up go to the main menu, select Configuration and the Event types and Allowances option which will take you to the Event types and Allowances page. Then set a minimum notice period by editing the event type. Highlight the event type by clicking it’s displayed name and then either click the ‘Edit’ button on the sub menu or right click the event type name to get a pop-up menu and select the ‘Edit…’ option. In the Restrictions section, tick the ‘Must be requested in advance’ box and a text box will open below it to enter the minimum number of days of advance notice, e.g. For 7 days advance notice, enter ‘7’.

If a user tries to request a date less than the specified number of days in advance they will get a warning message.

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