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How Do I Restrict Leave During A Period?

You can restrict the maximum number of staff on leave during a period on LeaveWizard using restricted periods. Each restriction can apply to the entire organisation, a workgroup, or a custom group. You can specify a maximum number of users who can be on leave, which can include none.
To do this, you need to create an event restriction period. From the ‘Configuration’ option on the main menu, select the ‘Restricted Periods’ sub menu.
Leave calendars will display the restricted period so users are aware of it. The user will also get a warning message if they reach the restriction limit when they make a request.

A screenshot showing a Christmas Purchasing Period which restricts leave for the workgroup Office to a maximum of 1 user off for the period between the 3rd and14th December 2018.

You can also restrict the number of users off at the same time per workgroup, location or company by editing the details of those on LeaveWizard. You can see the current settings on the Organization And Employees page and access the relevant pages to edit the values from there. For example, if you edit a workgroup, you will see the setting ‘Maximum Staff On Leave’. There you can enter the maximum number of members of that workgroup that can be off. These setting, unlike the event restriction periods, are persistent.

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