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How Do I Remove Allowance Restrictions For A Leave Type?

You can remove allowance restrictions or change them on LeaveWizard whenever you want.

Remove Allowance

If you change an event type to non-allowanced, it will remove the fixed allowance, such as 20 days per annum, so that users can request unlimited days. You can do this by selecting a non-allowanced type from the ‘Type of event’ drop-down on the event type details page.

Screenshot showing the options available on the 'Type of event' drop-down menu, including those that are non-allowanced to remove allowance restrictions.

To access that page, highlight the event type on the Event Types and Allowances page and then either click the ‘Edit’ button on the sub-menu or right click the event type and select ‘Edit…’ from the pop-up menu.

Change Allowance

If you want to change the allowance associated with an event type, you need to change the ‘Annual Allowance’ value for the event type. You can also set this by editing the event type using the same technique described above.

However, this only changes the default annual allowance used for a new leave year and won’t change the allowances already in effect for the current leave year.

If you want to set all users to the same default value for the event type, you can use the ‘Reset to default’ button above the allowance table or you can edit individual allowances on the allowance table of the Event Types and Allowances page.

Screenshot showing the 'Reset to default' button above the allowance table on the Event Types and Allowances page.

In both cases, first select and highlight the event type you want to change by clicking on it. To configure allowances for a single user, use the ‘pencil icon’ or the ‘Edit all’ button for multiple users simultaneously.

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