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How Do I Introduce Users To LeaveWizard?

The best way to introduce users to LeaveWizard is to send them one of our Welcome emails. It has information about how to create a password to allow them to log into their account. There are also links to download the iOS or Android mobile apps and links to our extensive knowledge base help articles.

You can optionally send the Welcome email when you add the user in the last stage, step 3, of the add user flow. This is the easiest way, as you don’t have to remember to do it later.

A screenshot showing the third and final step of the add user flow. On this page you the can optionally send the welcome email and add a custom message to it.

Alternatively, once you have added a user, you can email them by clicking the ‘Send welcome email’ button on the General tab of their Employee Details page. This is a useful alternative if you need to make some adjustments to their details immediately after adding them.

A screenshot showing an alternative way to send a welcome message to a user. You can click the 'Send welcome email' button in the actions section of the general tab of their Employee Details page.

Finally, you can also email one or more users from the Organisation and Employees page by clicking the ‘Send Welcome Message’ button on the submenu.

A screenshot showing how you can send welcome emails to multiple users simultaneously on the Organisation and Employees page. You can select users to highlight them and then click the 'Send Welcome Message' button on the submenu.

On the information pane of the page, click on the row of the user to highlight them. You can use Ctrl or Shift click to select multiple users. Then click the ‘Send Welcome Message’ to send emails to all the selected users. We recommend this option if you need to send emails to more than one user.

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