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How Do I Hide Users From Lists And Charts?

Administrators can hide users from lists and charts on LeaveWizard to protect their privacy. Sometimes you may want selected users to approve leave for others but not monitor their own leave requests on LeaveWizard. If you make them active users so they can approve leave, you can then hide them so their leave information is not visible.

Hide Users

You need to tick the ‘This employee is hidden from leave charts and lists’ setting in the ‘Access Control’ section on the ‘General’ tab of their Employee Details page.

A screenshot showing the 'Access Control' section on the 'General' tab of the employee details page. An administrator can use the setting here to hide a user from lists and charts.

The easiest way to access the Employee Details page is from the Dashboard by entering their name in the ‘Search employee’ box. Also, clicking their user name when displayed as a link on various pages of LeaveWizard will also take you to their Employee Details page.

Visibility Of Hidden Users

When you hide a user, they will only appear in a few places on the system. The system will list them on the approver selection drop-down so administrators can assign them as approvers. They will also appear on the dashboard search employee list and on the company settings, company lists, all employees list. These are necessary to allow an administrator to access their employee details page and to un-hide them.

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