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How Do I De-Activate And Re-Activate Users?

When you add a new user their user account is set as active. They should be deactivated when they leave your employment as explained in the Employee Details & Joiners and Leavers article.

De-Activate Or Re-Activate A User

There may also be occasions when you want to temporarily deactivate or reactivate a user.

Any user can be activated or deactivated by toggling the ‘Active?’ tick box in the ‘Personal Details’ section of the ‘General’ tab of their ‘Employee Details’ page.

For security, when a user is deactivated the ‘This account is unable to log in’ in the ‘Access Control’ section on the same tab is also set to stop ex-employees from logging in. You can override this once the active setting has been submitted if you want. This setting will also be unticked if you re-activate them.

The easiest way to access the Employee Details page to deactivate a user is from the Dashboard by entering their name in the ‘Search employee’ box. Alternatively, clicking their user name when displayed as a link on various pages of LeaveWizard will also take you to their Employee Details page.

Once they are deactivated they won’t appear in a search. However inactive users are shown as a link in the ‘Ex-Employees’ section of the Organisation And Employees page. You can click the link which will take you to their ‘Employee Details’ page or you can right click the link and select the ‘Make Active’ option which will change the setting for you without you having to go to the page.

Delete An Employee

It is not possible to delete an employee or any user directly via the LeaveWizard app. The system will, however, auto-delete inactive users from our database after a set period according to our prevailing privacy policy. Although not recommended, we can irreversibly delete users from the system on demand if an administrator requests it.

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