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How Do I Create Family Leave Types?

LeaveWizard allows for many event types to be created, which can include maternity and paternity leave, also known as family or parental leave, if your company needs them.

Create Maternity And Paternity Leave Types

You can create new event types on the Event Types and Allowances page by clicking the ‘New’ button on the submenu.

Screenshot showing the new button on the event types and allowances page sub menu

Then you can set them up as you require by making settings on the Event Type Details page. Normally, these would be allowanced leave types that need approval.

Screenshot of maternity and paternity leave added to the event types and allowances page.

Restricting Family Leave To A Group Of Users

All users can request new event types you create. So you now need to restrict which users can request them to applicable users. You can achieve this by creating Event Type Request Restrictions User Groups.

Screenshot of creating an event type request restrictions user group for maternity leave.

When you create the group, in this example ‘Maternity Leave’, only those defined users can request the event type.

Screenshot showing maternity leave on the event types and allowances page now restricted to only three users.

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