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Explanatory Notes

At the beginning of 2021 we introduced the ability for users to upload explanatory notes to the LeaveWizard system from both the web app and mobile app. This article explains how you can track and upload them.

Recording And Tracking Explanatory Notes

An Administrator can make an explanatory note required when the duration of a sickness period reaches a certain limit. If the duration of the  event reaches or exceeds that limit when it’s recorded then a message will appear:

‘* Please note that this event is for x or more days and it will require an explanatory note to be uploaded’

where x is the number of days set for the event as the ‘Duration for explanatory note to become mandatory’. For hour based types the message will be:

‘* Please note that this event is for x or more hours and it will require an explanatory note to be uploaded’

If an event requires a explanatory note which has not yet been uploaded then it will be marked ‘Explanatory Note required’ on the ‘Leave and Absence Requests’ page.

or if the explanatory note has been uploaded it will be marked ‘Explanatory Note uploaded’ and can be viewed if you edit the request.

Uploading Explanatory Notes

When an absence is recorded an email is sent to the absent user and a message appears in their web app inbox (‘Envelope’ icon) and a notification (‘Bell’ icon) is added to the mobile app. When an explanatory note is required it will have the words ‘…You’re required to upload an Explanatory Note’ in the subject name and ‘You are required to submit an explanatory note for this event’ in the message with a ‘Click here to upload one’ link to allow an explanatory note to be uploaded.

When a user clicks on the web app link they will be taken to the ‘Upload an Explanatory Note’ page.

They can then either drag ‘n’ drop or select a file. Most popular image file formats are supported including jpg and png.

On the mobile app they are given the option to ‘Take a picture’ or ‘Upload from device’.

They can also upload the explanatory note by editing the recorded absence.

Once an explanatory note has been uploaded they can view it and if necessary delete it and upload a new one by editing the recorded absence.

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