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Cancelling Leave

For transparency it is not possible to delete events on LeaveWizard but you can cancel them.

As an employee you can only cancel requests that are in the future, either ‘Pending’ or ‘Approved’ and not those in the past, ‘Expired’. If your leave request is in the past you will need to contact a LeaveWizard administrator in your company and they will have the option to cancel the request on your behalf.

To cancel a request, select ‘My Leave’ from the main menu.

Then select the ‘Pending’ or ‘Approved’ tab depending if your request has already been approved or not.

On the right hand side of the request you will see a ‘Cancel’ option. Clicking this will cancel the request and also inform your approver that this has been done. Once cancelled the request will be removed from the tab and listed under the ‘Cancelled’ tab.

Video – Cancelling Leave As An Employee


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