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Although LeaveWizard provides a calendar on the Dashboard and allows integration with external calendars, sometimes it is useful to view the information in other ways and this facility is provided by our Calendars main menu option. The Calendars drop down allows you to select 4 alternative views Leave calendar, Leave by month. Leave by date range and Leave by year.

The Calendars menu and all 4 drop down options are available to all users regardless of their LeaveWizard role (Administrator, Line Manager or Employee). But the information displayed will be dependent on the user’s role and the visibility settings made by the Administrator.

The Calendars Sub Menu

Near the top of each calendar page, just below the main menu is the Calendars sub menu which has one or two buttons and a tick box as follows:

Request Buttons

The buttons Request Leave For Me and Request Overtime/TOIL can be displayed, depending on your company setup, to conveniently make requests for leave and overtime.

Show Public Holidays For All Locations

On the ‘Leave Calendar’ page only, this tick box is available. Normally, calendars only show public holidays for the user’s location. This tick box allows all public holidays for all locations used by the company to be displayed on the ‘Leave Calendar’ and the ‘Dashboard’ calendars only.


For comparison we will first look at the ‘Dashboard’ calendar before highlighting the features of the 4 calendar menu options.

The ‘Dashboard’ Calendar

You should already be familiar with your dashboard calendar which shows who in the company is on leave or absent. You can choose between a ‘Week’ or ‘Month’ calendar view.

The ‘Week’ calendar view shows leave and absence for a 7 day period from today. So, if today is a Tuesday then Tuesday will be on the left hand side and the following Monday on the right hand side.

The ‘Month’ calendar view shows leave and absence for a specific calendar month with Mondays on the left hand side and Sundays on the right hand side.

The ‘See Other Calendar Views’ provides a link to the first Calendars menu option, ‘Leave calendar’…

The ‘Leave Calendar’ Calendar

The ‘Leave Calendar’ provides a similar view to the Dashboard but is always full page and also allows for additional calendar views. On the top left hand side of the calendar is a period selector/navigator and on the top right hand side a calendar view toggle.

Period Selector / Navigator

This control has 4 buttons. The left arrow and right arrow buttons allow you to select the previous and next period respectively. The ‘today’ button lets you jump to today’s date. The down arrow button displays a calendar day picker. The currently selected period is shown on the right hand side of the control.

Calendar View Toggle Buttons

These buttons allows you to toggle between the 4 views, ‘Day’, ‘Week’, ‘Month’ and ‘Timeline’.

The ‘Day’ calendar view shows just a single day with each hour separately marked and a choice of displaying all 24 hours or only company business hours.

The ‘Week’ calendar view, like the ‘Day’ calendar view, also shows each day with hours separately marked. So, unlike the Dashboard ‘Week’ calendar view, where the hours are not shown, it is possible to see hour based requests more clearly. Also, Monday is always on the left hand side and the following Sunday is on the right hand side.

The ‘Month’ calendar view is a fixed full page version of the standard ‘Month’ calendar view on the Dashboard.

The ‘Timeline’ calendar view allows you to see a 31 day period ‘block’ starting from a specified date in a time line format. You can navigate forward or backwards in time blocks or jump to a specific start date.

The ‘Leave By Month’ Calendar

The ‘Leave by Month’ calendar is particularly useful for viewing which days of a month users in a specific work group have requested. It is arranged as rows of users with columns of the days of the selected month.

Above the calendar are 2 drop down boxes to select all or a specific work group and the year. Immediately below is a month toggle control which allows quick navigation between the months of the selected year. You can also export and print the information using the ‘Export to Excel(csv)’ and ‘Print’ buttons.

The ‘Leave By Date Range’ Calendar

The ‘Leave by date range’ calendar is similar to the ‘Leave by month’ calendar described above and is also arranged as rows of users with columns of days. However with this calendar rather than viewing only the days of the month you can select the days you want by defining a start and end date. The column width increases or decreases to accommodate the number of days required to display the selected period.
The ‘Year’ drop down box and month toggle control used in the ‘Leave by Month’ calendar are replaced by 2 drop down boxes to set the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates and a ‘Submit’ button.

The ‘Leave By Year’ Calendar

The ‘Leave by year’ Calendar allows you to view the leave of a single user for a whole year. You can also select to only view leave of a specific type. So, if you want to see, at a glance, holiday taken by a particular user for the year, this is the calendar to use.
Above the calendar are a ‘Workgroup’ and ‘Employee’ drop down box to specify the user. There is also a drop down box to specify the ‘Event Type’ and you can export the information using the ‘Export to Excel(csv)’ button.

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