Organization And Employees

Organization And Employees In this article, we will discuss the functions, options and information displayed on the Organization And Employees page which is available to Administrators from ‘Configuration’ on the main menu. The page allows you to add locations, work groups and employees so that you can create a virtual model of your real organisational […]

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Absence (ADMIN)

Absence Absence types, such as sickness, are typically recorded by managers or administrators as opposed to being requested in advance by employees. On LeaveWizard the intention is that employees request holiday, maternity or paternity leave and other leave events that can be planned. However, an unexpected absence would be recorded by their manager or administrator

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Adding New Users

Adding New Users Any administrator in a company can easily add new users to LeaveWizard either by directly entering their details onto the site or by uploading a CSV file with the user information already added. This can be done either by clicking the ‘Add Employee’ button on the Dashboard or by clicking the ‘Add Employees’

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My Settings (ADMIN)

My Settings The My Settings page is a menu option on the user menu which is accessed via the ‘Head’ icon on the far right hand side of the main menu and allows some user specific preferences to be changed. Sub-Menu As an Administrator you will see a ‘Company Settings’ button on the sub menu

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