Base Event Types

Base Event Types LeaveWizard allows you to create as many event types as you need. There are several different base event types, each of which provides slightly different behaviour, within LeaveWizard. Any event type created is based on one of these types. Below is a summary of each of the base types to help you

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The Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor The Bradford Factor is a human resources tool used to measure worker absenteeism. LeaveWizard supports automatic Bradford Factor calculation with the option to include one or more absence types. The Bradford Factor is calculated as follows: B = S × S × D where: B is the Bradford Factor S is the total number of

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Custom Groups

Custom Groups Custom User Groups are used to associated users with each other. You can think of them like workgroups that have users from different locations and/or workgroups. An example of how you might use them is to group together all users from Sales departments who are in different locations. Creating and managing custom user

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The LeaveWizard API

The LeaveWizard API LeaveWizard provides a customer accessible public Application Programming Interface (API) to allow external applications to get information, such as a list of employee events (leave and absence requests), from LeaveWizard. This article explains how an administrator can setup and test the API. From ‘Configuration’ on the main menu, select the ‘Company Settings’

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Adding New Users

Adding New Users Any administrator in a company can easily add new users to LeaveWizard either by directly entering their details onto the site or by uploading a CSV file with the user information already added. This can be done either by clicking the ‘Add Employee’ button on the Dashboard or by clicking the ‘Add Employees’

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