Configuring Allowances

Configuring Allowances

As an administrator you can configure a user allowance on the Allowances & Work Pattern tab of their Employee details page or you can edit a single user or multiple users simultaneously on the Event Types And Allowances page.

Configuring On The Event Types And Allowances Page

Configuring allowances on the Event Types And Allowances page allows for multiple users to be updated simultaneously and also for carry overs to be processed. The page can be accessed from ‘Configuration’ on the main menu by selecting ‘Event types and Allowances‘ on the sub menu.

On the right hand side of the page is the Allowance Table. On the far right hand side of each row is a ‘Pencil’ edit icon which can be used to edit the information for that user. There are also ‘Edit All’ buttons at the top and bottom of the table to allow you to edit all the listed users simultaneously.

When any of these options are clicked the table can then be edited. You can filter which users are listed using the ‘Workgroup’ and ‘Employee’ controls above the list and which year using the ‘Year’ control.

The ‘Employed On’ date can be changed with a calendar control and spinners appear to allow ‘Annual Allowance’, ‘Allowance This Year’, ‘Allowed Carry Over’ and ‘Included Carry Over’ values to be changed. The ‘Remaining’ and ‘TOIL’ calculated fields are also displayed.

Changes to the ‘Annual Allowance’ will immediately be reflected in the ‘Allowance This Year’ value whereas changes to ‘Allowance This Year’ will not change the ‘Annual Allowance’. When you submit the changes the ‘Remaining’ allowance value is recalculated. The ‘TOIL’ value is not editable and the ‘Allowed Carry Over’ value is only used to calculate carry over for next year so does not effect allowances for the year being edited.

The Preview Carry Overs button on the page allows for carry overs to be set, calculated and processed. Although not normally recommended, you can also process them manually by entering the values into the fields directly. When the system processes carry over it changes both the ‘Included Carry Over’ and the ‘Allowance This Year’ values. So, you should do likewise and add the ‘Included Carry Over’ value to the ‘Allowance This Year’ value to emulate what the system does.

Configuring On The Employee Details Page

Configuring allowances on the Employee details page allows for the user work pattern, start date and end dates to be changed and be reflected in the allowance.

The page can be accessed from the Dashboard by entering the user name in the ‘Search employee’ box. Also clicking their user name where displayed as a link on various pages of LeaveWizard will also take you to the same page. Then select the ‘Allowances & Work Pattern’ tab.

The YYYY Allowances section displays the allowances for the current leave year for all event types that the user can request. If you want to make changes to other leave years then you need to use the Event Types And Allowances page.

You can edit the allowance values directly. Changes to the ‘Annual Allowance’ will be reflected in the ‘Current Year Allowance’ value whereas changes to ‘Current Year Allowance’ will not change the ‘Annual Allowance’. As explained in the ‘Configuring On The Event Types And Allowances Page’ section above, if you want to enter a manual carry over you need to enter the ‘Carried Over (from last year)’ value and add this to the ‘Allowance This Year’ value yourself.

Changes to any of the three dates fields can force allowance recalculations. For example, if the ‘Employment Start Date’ or the ‘Employment End Date’ are changed so that the user works a part leave year, their ‘Current Year Allowance’ value will be reduced to reflect this.

Changes to the assigned work pattern can also trigger a recalculation of allowances. Unless you want to manually override the system it will compare the user work pattern with the default to calculate what ‘Annual Allowance’ the user should get. So if you set their work pattern to the default and their ‘Annual Allowance’ allowance to what they would get if they were working that work pattern and then change their work pattern it will recalculate their ‘Annual Allowance’. For example, if users normally get an allowance of 20 days for a ‘Holiday’ leave type working a default 4 day week, if a user is reassigned to a work pattern with a 2 day week work pattern then their ‘Annual Allowance’ will be calculated to be 10 days.