Check If Managers Are Approving Requests

Check If Managers Are Approving Requests

Despite everyone’s best efforts sometimes approval requests are overlooked which can impact staff morale. Although, if a leave request expires (the requested date has passed) and no approval has been given the request is deemed to be passively approved, it is advantageous to ensure all are actively approved promptly.

To this end, the system can provide an email with a list of approvals that remain pending after a given period to all administrators. This will give them the opportunity to encourage approvers to approve them before they expire.

This feature can be activated by ticking the ‘Send Administrators a daily list of outstanding leave requests?’ box in the ‘Notifications’ section of the Company Settings page.

When you tick the box, a new field will appear between the text ‘Include leave requests older than’ and ‘days’ for you to enter the number of days the requests should have remained unapproved to be included in the list.

Once this has been done, if there are approvals on the system that have been pending for longer than the specified period, then all company administrators will get emails with a list of them. These will be sent out daily until no approvals requests meet the criteria.