Subscription Details

Subscription Details

An administrator can manage their company subscription details from the user menu. This is accessed via the ‘Head’ icon on the far right hand side of the Dashboard main menu and provides Subscription Details as an option in the drop down menu. This menu item takes you to the Account Details page where you can view your LeaveWizard subscription details.

Account Details

The Account details page lists the basic subscription information.

Plan Name

Our subscriptions are divided into Plans which have different per user costs. The larger plans allow for more users and are therefore more expensive but the price per user is lower making them more cost effective for larger companies. In this example it is Plan 30.

No Of Employees

This is the maximum number of active users that are allowed by the plan. In this example it is ‘up to 30’ users.

Cost (£ / Month)

This displays the standard cost per month for the plan excluding VAT. In this example £27 per month for Plan 30.

Active Employees

This displays the total number of active users the company currently has. In this example it is 9 users out of a maximum of 30. LeaveWizard subscriptions costs are based on the number of active users. So, it is important to deactivate users that are no longer with the company so they don’t count against your maximum user limit. See the Employee Details & Joiners and Leavers help article for more information about how to do this.

Start Date

This displays the date the subscription was started. In this case 3rd February 2021.

End Date

The End Date is normally ‘Not Applicable’ unless the company has been deactivated. It will then display the date it was deactivated until the company becomes no longer accessible.

Managing Your Subscription

We provide a number of different payment options. The simplest and easiest for customers wanting to subscribe to a standard plan and wishing to pay monthly by Debit or Credit card is to use our third party provider, Recurly. These subscriptions can then be managed via the web app directly from the subscription details page.

Customers paying by invoice including Direct Debit will need to contact support to manage their subscription.

There are 3 buttons on the page to modify your subscription. These are only applicable to those paying by Recurly. If you are a new customer who wants to pay by invoice or already a customer paying by invoice and want to change your subscription details then please contact customer support.

Change Plan

If you are not already a subscriber paying by invoice then clicking the ‘Change Plan’ button will take you to the ‘Select Plan’ Page.

On this page you can upgrade or downgrade to another Plan at the click of a button. Once you have chosen a new Plan you will be directed to the ‘Subscription’ page which is described in the The ‘Change Payment Details’ section below.

Change Payment Details

If you are not already a subscriber paying by invoice then clicking the ‘Change Payment Details’ button will take you to the ‘Subscription’ page.

After completing the form and clicking ‘Submit’ this information will be securely stored by our payment provider Recurly.

Manage Subscription

If you are not already a subscriber paying by invoice then clicking the ‘Manage Subscription’ button will take you to the Recurly login page after displaying a message warning you that you are being redirected to an external third party web site.

If you already have a Recurly password you can log in here or create a Recurly account by clicking the ‘create an account’ link. Please note that although you can use the same password as you use for LeaveWizard, the two passwords are not linked and this password is for your Recurly account only, Note that the Recurly copyright notice is shown on the bottom of their pages for identification.

Once you have logged into Recurly it will take you to your Leavewizard subscription page which provides information about your subscription(s) with a link to cancel, a list of recent invoices and a link to view all (each invoice has a link to download a copy) and billing information with a link to edit your debit/credit card details registered with them.

At the top of the page on the right hand side is a box which displays your name with a down arrow which displays a drop down box if clicked with options to Change your email, password or log out.

Selecting the log out option will return you to the LeaveWizard web app.